Jenny Graham

Jenny Graham

Jenny Graham

Contact details for Jenny Graham:

Jenny Graham is interested in the visual and emotional memory of a place. The landscapes of the West Country inform most of her work, although recent residencies in Cornwall, Northumberland and Yorkshire add scope and variety to her creative output. She records her response to a site using a combination of media and memory. Collected printed ephemera and photographs are often used in combination with paint and collage to create multi layered works of depth, subtlety and atmosphere. Her etchings, both photographic and drawn add to her catalogue of ways of experiencing the forms and textures of the environment. Her latest cabinets of curiosity, created from found ephemera, offer a three dimensional response to the importance of history and artefact as ways of understanding our surroundings and the stories we tell about them.

Waterfall by Jenny Graham

Through the Reeds by Jenny Graham

Summer Flight by Jenny Graham

Petrichor by Jenny Graham

On the Wing by Jenny Graham

On the Rocks by Jenny Graham

Moor Edge by Jenny Graham

Moon Hill by Jenny Graham


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