Pam Martin

Pam Martin

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Pam Martin has been a stitch maker as far back as she can recall and has lived in Somerset most of her life.   She was delighted to have the opportunity to make a new stitching home at Spring Farm in 2016.

Pam has a particular passion for machine stitch and exploring its many possibilities.  Of recent years she has enjoyed experimenting with free machine embroidery and how this can be used creatively.  Inspired by the photographs she takes of the Somerset landscape, her experimentations led to the creation of a series of ‘stitched postcards’.  She exhibited these for the first time in Somerset Arts Weeks 2016 and she regularly gives talks about them to local groups.

Pam is now enjoying her first spring and summer at Spring Farm and is currently working on a new collection of stitch work for the Somerset Arts Weeks Festival 2017.

Shimmering Shapwick by Pam Martin

Weeping Willows by Pam Martin

Light & Shadow – Cheddar Gorge by Pam Martin

Lone Limpet by Pam Martin

Lone Limpet by Pam Martin

East Quantoxhead by Pam Martin

Great Bow Bridge by Pam Martin



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